04.05.2009. The “Universe” of Giovanna Magugliani

All 'Iris Coffee by Bossi 2 in Busto Arsizio from 4 May to 15 June 2009

The painter - sculptor Giovanna Magugliani is back home for a few days in her native town Busto Arsizio. It is worth knowing a little bit of her history, to better taste her painting and sculpture. Daughter of "textile" (or rather "ciniglia"), she spent her childhood in contact with the brilliant "colour" of this tissue which was produced by her father, a pioneer of textile industry in the region. The fever for the colour, born steeped in color, has led her to pursue her studies at the Art School of Busto and then some courses at Brera and again to continue the search on her own. The confrontation with the "masters" of painting and sculpture of the period (Pellini, Frattini, ...) has created the basis for a personal research more meditative. The continuing maturation of her work has grown with time and diligent commitment. The other event that has "conditioned" her expressive research is the marriage with Pino, engineer, wandering around the world: and she moves from Mumbai to Tripoli, Riyadh (where, among other things she became the personal fine arts teacher of the daughter of Saudi King) Madrid and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. These spaces, culturally provocative ( think of Islam, the cultural importance of the metropolis, the great deserts, the infinite skies, the cleanliness of the colors of nature) have certainly influenced her vision of art. And so, by passing by, but giving us enough time to admire her works, the nomadic Giovanna returns home... And so, with a few essential works is her "private universe" in which she collects objects, thoughts, life and dreams ...
And "The muratora" girl she met in India, she portrays with great skill and depth, surfacing the eternal female spirit. The artist caresses pictorially, and even gives her a name: Kavita (that of a journalist in Abu Dhabi). And the name reminded her of the Sibyl by Michelangelo, as the bearer of news of the future ... And "Ptolemy" is her husband "Pino" the center of her universe, as well as the "host". For a nomad, as the artist Giovanna, it is the certainty that her Ptolemaic "earth" is the center of her "big universe", that her Pino ("virgin" and a sign of "the earth") is a fixed point of reference, constant, her consciousness of watching a boundless sky without dizziness or endless fear...
And then, thanks to depth of research, two abstract works, two fragments of dreams ...
"The small balloon" a memory of a hot air balloon flight over the skies of Abu Dhabi. Magritte and balloon view in Abu Dhabi, in a world where you can continue dreaming, even if you are no longer a child ... And the girl in the balloon is always the one that is in us, and finally, with large eyes, believes, perhaps, to be there to see from above height. "The white canvas" an emotional moment that reveals the possibility of countless colour experiences and countless poems to write.
And then reveals the strangeness of the works of Giovanna: knowing how to dive in the minimal and able to fly in the infinite in a continuous contradiction, which overcomes in a minute the descriptivism and figurative of worst mannerism.
"Sateen’s daughter" is actually the story of the girl, the daughter of Sateen, a Malaysian passionate about horses; the world revolves around her and she dreams of being fast (as the horses that run faster than the wind) and she is so ready to be transformed from a dream into the "woman - horse."
But the presence of a sculptural work of art makes us rediscover an interesting side of Giovanna. It 's the story of "Anoud" (Princess of Saudi Arabia), and a friend of hr daughter Elena. Both look at the future and dream. Story of a beautiful friendship, but to each his own destiny. ...
The sculpture in Carrara marble from the quarries Michelangelo inspires subtle sensations, delicate feelings, capable of making more sensitive people dream.

Dr. Arch Paolo Torresan
Art critic

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04.05.2009. The “Universe” of Giovanna Magugliani

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