Art in the World – Giovanna Magugliani

Giovanna Magugliani exhibits with success in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

It is with pride that, with this brief notice to the local press, I advertised that an artist from Busto Arsizio (native “Bustocca”) is recognized and appreciated in an important corner of the world, where she exhibits her works and her latest paintings.

Abu Dhabi knows and appreciates the works of Giovanna Magugliani, as an Italian artist capable of speaking with a vivid language understood and appreciated worldwide.
And even more so it is with pride that the artist Giovanna, born and educated in the cultural environment of her native town, though with scant initial resources and stimuli, has formed herself through continuous and incessant research, silently carried out in the intimate depth of human mind.

Research expressed in the faces, in the looks, in the “silent harmonies” of colors, glazes, “out of scale”; these certainly caught in the world of Eastern meditation and attention to the human soul.
You would not believe it, if you know her personally, that a figure so slim and small, black hair and sharp eyes, could have conceived and given birth to paintings so important, where she has caught and immortalized people and characters, but in “moments” of intense and full of humanity life.

Dott. Arch. Paolo Torresan
Art critic

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