Entering the “Sgarbi Collection”

In November 2017 my two works “Noelle and the Book” and “ Ecstasy of Chili” have entered the “Sgarbi Collection”, one of most prestigious art collections in the world, housed at villa Cavallini Sgarbi, a magnificent villa inside the homonymous park, where the section dedicated to the contemporary art has been wanted and designed personally by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi.

“Sgarbi Collection”, which includes works of immense value and beauty, is the daily destination of visitors and famous guests, in addition to being often requested for participation to exhibitions all over the world.

It is the place where art continues pulsing, in the passionate research of collectors, who do not want that the past should be lost.

“The history of a collection is the history of opportunities, meetings, discoveries; it comes across curiosities, research, studies. It looks like an adventure, a hunting trip, a kind of hazard game. It is a challenge, a courtship, a conquest” – By Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi.

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