The exotic world of Giovanna Magugliani

An exhibition at Iris Cafe’ of Busto Arsizio dedicated to the wandering Giovanna Magugliani who tells her adventure in painting and sculpture

The artist Giovanna Magugliani is back home for a short time to her native town Busto Arsizio. To celebrate her albeit brief return home Arch. Torresan dedicated to her a small solo exhibition at the Iris Cafe’. The Art of Giovanna is deeply autobiographical, speaks of the people she has met in her life and still belong to it. Her work fascinate for their colours, but above all for their descriptive power, the strong desire, which they are permeated with, to tell new stories that come from far away and have the flavour of the East.

The beginning of the story – it is here necessary to take a step back and figure out which events have inspired these works: Giovanna was born in Busto Arsizio, she is a so-called “daughter of the textile”, of the “ciniglia” in particular, which was produced by her father, a pioneer of textile industry in the region. She immediately developed a passion for the color, which led her to pursue her studies at the Art School of Busto and then some courses at Brera and again to continue the search on her own. With time and with the commitment Giovanna has matured a personal research more meditative. Then the overseas travel experience: her husband, an engineer, moves around the world and she is always with him, from Bombay to Tripoli, from Riyahd (where, among other things, she became the personal fine arts teacher of the daughter of Saudi King) to Madrid and the UAE (Abu Dhabi).
Life becomes art – The artist devoted herself to painting and sculpture.

Her works are like small pieces of a great adventure and they portray the characters that populate it. There is the seductive femininity of the “muratora girl” she met in India, and her Ptolemy’s husband, the center of her world, key reference point in her continuous moving around the world. In addition to these more figurative works, even abstract works, such as the “small balloon”, the memory of a hot air balloon flight over the skies of Abu Dhabi and the “white canvas”, that reveals the possibility of countless colour experiences and countless poems to write,” said the Torresan curator. Finally, one sculptural work that tells the story of Anoud, Princess of Saudi Arabia.

Private Universe – The works of Giovanna are inhabited by characters almost fairy-tale, One Thousand and One Nights, a world that seems to us so far, and of which the artist gives us a gift through her art. At the Iris Cafe’, with a few essential works, the ‘”Private Universe” of Giovanna unfolds, made of thoughts, crumbs of life, fragments of dreams.

Manuela Ciriacono
Art critic

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