Welcome note to The “Art Movement of The Xxith Century “

The “Art Movement of the XXI Century” is pleased to welcome an artist with an the exotic fascination, Giovanna Magugliani, born in the north of Italy, but living in Abu Dhabi.

The charm and perfume of the eastern world transpire from many of her works, paints, pictures and sculptures; however the primary interest which emanates from her works does not consist in this characteristic.

On the contrary, a famous expression of Théophile Gautier seems to materialize in the works of Giovanna: “Women, apparently so fragile, so moon rays woven, so languidly romantic, are the only creatures capable of subverting the order of the world, or at least of glazing it with mystery “. In fact, the series of her informal works seems to abandon the abstraction to represent in realistic terms the earth during an evolution era or after a destructive war, whilst her portraits evoke the reality of faces to a veiled dimension, feather, void of substance, pure essence of a face translated into spirit, in a dream.

The pictures belie the cliché of representing accurately the true, in so far as Giovanna’s pictures are capable of cancelling the details to focus only on what she is interested in, as it happens for example in the images of the dream palaces of the Emirates, which remind of a far world, that of the “thousand and one nights”; and the same feeling can be perceived also in the shots that represent contemporary geometries reinforced concrete. Photos as art of transformation.

In actual fact the spirit of the artist moves on very specific paths, marked to the creation of subtle and ethereal atmospheres that capture the world of reality when it goes away from concreteness to dive into a mythical and fairytale horizon, as you can admire in the series of “Transparencies”. But the thought underlying certain paints is not always mythical, since it frequently focuses attention on the human case and, on this subject, presents portraits who, in their desperate existence, recall the characters, whom Ugo Foscolo recognized to the dignity of preserving “proud name” in disgrace.

Welcome, Giovanna.

ALDO MARIA PERO, President of the “Art Movement of the XXIth Century” and of the “Waltmann Art Publishing Italy”.

September 2013

Aldo Maria Pero was Modern Art Teacher at the University of Genoa and Italian Art History Visiting Professor at the Sorbone University, Paris, Contemporary Art Teacher at the University of Heidelberg, Visiting Professor at the University of Ann Arbor (Michigan) and Director of the Art History Dept. at the University of Berkeley (California).


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