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Giovanna Magugliani

I was born in Busto Arsizio (Milan) from Greek ancestors, who had migrated to Italy from the village of Magouliana in Arcadia, Peloponnesus, Greece, which my family name was derived from. A part of mine, however, finds its paternal origins in Parma, where I am still contining my research, to complete my genealogical tree.

I graduated in 1967 at the Liceo Artistico of my town in Fine Arts, followed by a post-graduate diploma in Graphic Design in 1973, at the Academy of Artistic Activities (3A), Milan...

  • Fine Arts High School Diploma
  • Graphics Professional Certification
  • Qualification to Fine Arts teaching in High Schools
Latest Events


International Exhibition “Spoleto Arte”, Frau Terrace, Spoleto (Italy)

Spoleto - Italy 18th October to 1st November 2020

From 18th October to 1st November 2020 I have participated, with my work “In the sign of Lilith in Code 20”, to the International Exhibition ‘Spoleto Arte”, by Prof. Salvo Nugnes of Art Factory, with [...]


Photographic Exhibition “My Town”, Rome, Art Borgo Gallery

Rome - Italy 10th to 22nd October 202

From 10th to 22nd October 2020, I have participated to the Photographic Exhibition “My Town”, held at the Art Borgo Gallery of Rome, located in the central area of Borgo in Rome, between St. Peter Squ [...]


Art Critics

I am grateful to the three “C” who have accompanied me in my journey in the world of art, which is my life:
“C” like “Consorte (Husband)”, my husband Pino, who has given me the opportunity of enriching my sensitiveness and my background, by making me know different cultures around the world.
“C” like Custodian, my dear dad Angioletto, who has always supported me in my artistic journey.
“C” like Critic, Arch. Paolo Torresan, who has driven and encouraged me to enter the world of art.

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